This Land Is explores how we can embody a posthuman world and if this engagement can lead to a more affirmative relationship with the material environments and arrangements around us.

How do we navigate landscapes that are under the jurisdiction of political structures? How do we re-address these landscapes while regarding land rights issues and indigeneity? How do we reframe "built" and "natural" spaces when human-ness is deprioritized?

Drawing from the intellectual foundations of new materialism, posthumanism, and nomadic theory, the project brings together an international group of artists whose diverse work probes the posthuman frontier.


seah / Project Curator
Using performance, video, sound, and emerging technologies seah (Sea Heikes) problematises the boundaries between the body, nature, and technology to explore new posthuman articulations of landscape. Seah’s practice incorporates relational movement languages evolved from decades long research in Butoh, Body Weather Laboratory, Noguchi Taiso, and Somatic Movement, and remote wilderness immersion. Current “techno-nature-body” investigations utilise multiple cameras and contact mics on the body while physically interacting with the immediate environment. Her artistic examinations have crisscrossed the globe including Detroit, San Francisco, and Oakland, USA; Chiang Mai, Thailand; Saas-Fee, Switzerland; Venice, Italy; and the Finnish archipelago.

A. D. McCormick / Assistant Project Curator
Through photography and collaborative projects, A. D. McCormick examines how communities adapt to systemic change. In the San Francisco Bay Area, his in-depth study of children learning outdoors captured moments of primal human development in a region that has become synonymous with tech culture. Conversely, his research in rural areas in Japan considers how the country’s shrinking population has caused increasingly isolated communities to blend tradition with entrepreneurship in order to survive. A continuing thread connecting all of his work is the human relationship to the natural world.